Ambrarome Absolu

This unique speciality ingredient derived from Cistus ladaniferus gum-resin, has been produced by the Synarome company (now part of NACTIS) since 1926, when it was introduced as an alternative to Ambergris Tincture.

Invaluable in many types of fragrance especially amber, incense and chypre types it contains a material similar in odour to that present in ambergris but is much more strongly animalic than the plain labdanum absolute.

Although this is quite an expensive product, it’s economical in use because very little is needed to get a large effect.  It is very rarely used above 1% of the fragrance concentrate.

This is Synarome’s usage description: “Replaces ambergris tincture.  A 1% solution of Ambrarome is equivalent to a 2.5% ambergris tincture. Very widely used as a fixative, this product also contributes to the development of fragrance notes.  It can be used at 0.5% – 3% in a compound.  1gr per 40 litres of ethanol gives to ethanol a round note” 


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