World-class luxury fragrances.   


Our history:

Fragology first came to life in 2016, as a unique line of fragrances within the ‘Oskari’ corporation. To set the scene, picture a passionate perfumer in his beloved Oskari laboratory with all his different liquid gold ingredients, from which surfaced an extensive range of lux fragrances. Day in and day out he formulated and mixed sensational scents that he could share with the world, as what is now globally loved and known as Fragology

As our passionate perfumer bottled and perfected his creations, he figured he must provide something for everybody; and so, he did just that, with an ever-expanding collection and over 4000 fragrances to choose from. Alas you probably won’t need to hear much from this perfumer as he believes in his own words, that the ‘Fragology fragrances speak to us in a manner of their own’.   

Our aims:  Throughout the production of each fragrance, it has and will continue to be maintained to create long-lasting and elegant scents, dripping with matchless combinations. You can find fragrances ranging from floral, musk-filled, sweet, fresh and woody perfumes; from which emerges an ever-lasting world to make your own.

With an abundance of fragrances to choose from, another aim being upheld is to provide customers with the exclusive opportunity of creating their own bespoke scent, personal to them. This is achieved through the Fragology perfume studio, fragrance layering service.

The perfumers’ promise also includes bringing the latest perfume releases to us all, with a consistently expanding range.  

We are always oriented towards excellent customer service, please feel free to contact our at hand perfumers via the live Whatsapp chat function or email us at: sales@fragology.co.uk