Bergamot Mint

Produced in the United States, this oil is useful for adding a fresh, bergamot type note without the citrus connotation, and can also effectively supplement that oil.  It is not as camphoraceous or minty as other mints, nor does it give the same difficulty dissolving in ethanol.

Arctander describes it like this: “Mentha citrata oil is a pale yellow or pale olive colored to almost water-white liquid of a sweet-herbaceous, somewhat fruity-fresh odor type; it resembles bergamot, but is distinctly more harsh in its terpenic topnotes, less rich in body, and without the oily-sweet, candy-like undertone of good bergamot oils.  On the other hand, mentha citrata, oil presents a certain bergamot note without the citrus notes.  This makes the oil more interesting in the lavender-fougere field.  Its dryout has some resemblance to sage clary, but lacks the richness of that oil.”

The principle component of Mentha citrata oil is linalyl acetate, but it also contains up to 2% geraniol and up to 1.2% of citronellol, both of which are subject to IFRA restrictions and EU labelling requirements.


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