Cade Oil Rectified

Excellent, rich deep smoky material of great power.

Produced by destructive distillation of the twigs and leaves of Juniperus oxycedrus and then rectified to meet the IFRA standard: crude Cade Oil should not be used in fragrances.

Arctander gives us quite a bit of information about this product: “Strictly speaking, Cade Oil is identical to Juniper Tar (also called juniper tar oil), obtained by destructive distillation of the wood from Juniperus Oxycedrus, a shrub related to the common juniper. … The Cade Oil, used in perfumery is usually a rectified oil, obtained by rectification (steam distillation or vacuum distillation) of the crude juniper tar oil. The latter consists of the upper layer of the entire mass of tar which is obtained by destructive distillation of the wood.” 

He goes on to describe the odour and uses “Rectified Cade Oil is a clear, orange-brown to dark brown, oily liquid with an intense ‘tar-like’, smoky-phenolic odor. Its use in perfumery is limited to situations where a smoky-leathery, woody-phenolic, dry and warm note is called for: forest notes, leather-bases, fougeres, pine for ‘men’s fragrances’, etc., and in the imitation of certain essential oils, oakmoss, etc.” 


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