Cedarwood Atlas

From Cedrus atlantica wood and stumps.  One of the most widely used wood oils in perfumery and not to be confused with the American Texas and Virginian oils which come from different species of tree.

Arctander tells us that  Cedarwood Atlas “essential oil is also known as “Moroccan” Cedarwood Oil. The oil is entirely different—chemically and olfactorily—from the American Virginia or Texas cedarwood oils. The tree, Cedrus Atlantica, is a pine, not a cypress (such as the American and East African cedars). It is believed that the Atlas cedar is originated from the Atlas Cedarwood famous Lebanon cedars which grow wild in Lebanon and in the island of Cyprus, now protected from being felled for essential oil.” 

He goes on to describe the oil: “Atlas Cedarwood Oil is a yellowish to orange-yellow or deep amber-colored, viscous oil, occasionally somewhat turbid. Its odor is very peculiar and not exactly pleasant when undiluted: slightly camphoraceous-cresylic with a sweet and tenacious woody undertone reminiscent of cassie and mimosa”.

Adding that it is “widely used in perfumery for its fixative effect and unique odor which seems to blend so well with labdanum products and with all the woody and woody-floral types of perfume materials.” 

See also the Cedarwood Atlas Supra product for a more highly refined version of this oil.


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