Cedarwood Virginian, aged

Distilled from Juniperus virginiana sawdust and shavings. Cedarwood Virginian is the best source of the characteristic pencil-shavings note of the Juniperus oils having in addition the balsamic quality of the Cedarwood Atlas and sharing some of it’s fixative value.

Virginian cedarwood ages over time to acquire an increased balsamic quality (and darker yellow colour) it retains the characteristic pencil-shavings note but this form is particularly well suited to amber and incense applications.  At Pell Wall we offer two forms – this product is the aged material – matured for several years.  The freshly distilled kind is also available.

According to Arctander: “The dry-woody character and the fixative effect of cedarwood oil, Virginia, make it almost universally applicable. The oil is frequently used as the only active perfume ingredient in room sprays, disinfectants, insecticides, cleansers and other industrial products, household products, etc. Mixed with Ceylon citronella oil, it was once a popular mosquito-repellent, but it has now been replaced by more active chemicals.” 


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