A ‘clean’ smelling natural facsimile of patchouli oil made by Firmenich, who describe it this way: “Clearwood™ is an intense and long lasting woody note, but at the same time, light and transparent. It differs from other dark woody notes by its simplicity and cleanliness. It brings great versatility and lends itself for use in every conceivable type of product from Home Care to Fine Fragrance.” 

Technically it is a mixture of sesquiterpenes and alcohols present in patchouli oil, but produced via what Firmenich refer to as “white biotechnology” techniques, they advertise the material like this: “Created from white biotechnology, Clearwood® delivers all the rewards of modern ingredient design. Beaming with light, it offers the creamy warmth of amber and a dark woody character reminiscent of patchouli.”

Clearwood has good substantivity, lasting for up to a week on a smelling strip.  Compared with the other patchouli products available from Pell Wall is has less of the typical patchouli character than the Albert Vieille Patchouli, Light but more than the Patchouli Ultra Light or Patchouli Acetate.


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