Elemi resinoid 10% in ethanol

Elemi Resinoid is prepared by extracting crude elemi (so called Elemi Gum, but more properly an oleoresin) with a volatile solvent, usually Acetone, and removing the solvent in vacuum after filtration.

The resulting pale yellow semi-solid soon shows white masses of crystals separating in the soft, slowly solidifying resinoid.  It takes a long time on the automatic stirrer to get into solution – at Pell Wall we typically leave it overnight.

The high terpene content means that once disolved in ethanol filtration is required – hence the material offered here has had this preparation already completed – retaining the heart of the elemi in an easy to use format.

Arctander gives this enthusiastic description of the uses of elemi resinoid: “This is a very interesting fixative for artificial bergamot, lemon, lime, etc., as well as for the various verbena compositions, e.g. eau de verveine bases and other cologne types. In lavender-colognes, fougeres, spicy colognes, etc., it simultaneously introduces freshness and fixation.” 


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