Flouve Creation

This product, manufactured by Payan Bertrand is of French origin and is produced by molecular distillation from Anthoxantum odoratum L. the the sweet vernal grass, formerly known as Flouve Odorante, prepared exclusively by PB in a carrier base to achieve a pourable material of comparable intensity to many other essential oils.

The material is a amber to light brown, easily pourable liquid.

Arctander writes of Flouve Oil including that it is “From the dried upper part of the grass, Flouve Odorante, harvested during or after the inflorescence, an essential oil can be produced by steam distillation under certain circumstances. Originally produced by only one company in Grasse, little is known of the details of production for this oil. It is conceivable, however, that an ordinary steam distillation is insufficient to produce an oil of appearance and composition like the Flouve Oil. One peculiarity of the oil is its abnormally high specific gravity. But whatever the physico-chemical properties are, this oil can offer quite unique effects in perfumes and flavors.” 

He goes on to describe the odour: “Intensely sweet, coumarinic-haylike and heavy herbaceous odor … the oil has no mossy notes, but it has a certain fatty-rootlike undertone reminiscent of elecampane and mimosa. It is not floral, however, but it presents part of the fragrance ofa meadow with flowering herbs and grasses.” 

He also says that “The oil blends well with amylsalicylate, acetanisole, anisaldehyde, cassie, lavender, lavandin, oakmoss products, linalool, sage clary,  nerol, alpha-terpineol, mimosa, costus, etc. It is used in perfumery in fougres, chypres, new mown  hay bases, Oriental bases, ambres, etc. —although always at a very low concentration.” 

Payan Bertrand describe this material as: “Mixture of flouve essential oil (Anthoxantum odoratum L.) and flavouring substances”  in their Technical Data Sheet.

Note that it contains <0.5% Coumarin and <47% of Benzyl benzoate

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