Ginger Oil, Fresh

This is a very special type of ginger oil, quite unlike the usual kind, distilled from fresh, rather than dried rhizomes using special hydro-distillation techniques only recently developed.  This oil is produced by Laboratoire Monique Remy (the naturals arm of IFF) with the characteristic fresh, clean spicy odour of freshly peeled ginger, as well as the rich, warm, sweet and tenacious dry down associated with conventional ginger oils.  It takes about 150Kg of fresh roots to make 1Kg of this oil.

LMR describe their oil like this: “Sparkling effect of fresh ginger slightly citral and green with an earthy undertone.

Ginger extracts used in perfumery are often associated to a dried spice: harsh, peppery and sometimes soapy. IFF-LMR has decided to take the opposite line and developed a unique extract, and distills fresh roots within hours of the harvest.

Far from the usual heavy and warm profile of typical ginger oils, the LMR Ginger oil Fresh presents an amazing and unique fresh zesty citrus note, reminiscent of the fresh ginger root, ideal to impart a fresh gingery top note or a sparkling effect.

IFF-LMR Ginger fresh oil is an authentic rendition of the fresh ginger root with zesty and citrus notes. It imparts a healthy, boosting feel.” 

According to Arctander(writing in the late 1950s, long before this style of fresher oil was around): “Ginger Oil is used in perfumery to introduce warmth and certain nuances of spicy sweetness which are often wanted in heavy Oriental bases and in a few floral fragrances, too.  The interest in the oil for perfumery use has increased considerably during the recent years of the growing ’spice-trend’ in men’s fragrances and in lotion perfumes in general.  The oil blends well with bois de rose oil, cedarwood, coriander, coumarin, benzyl acetate, citrus oils, eugenol, ionones, nitro-musks, rose de mai absolute, nonanolide, nerol, etc.”

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