Grapefruit Oil

This is a top quality white grapefruit oil, of mild, sweet and typically citrus odour made from Florida grapefruits.  To achieve the distinctive grapefruit note in a fragrance however we recommend the Firmenich Grapefruit Base either alone or in combination with this oil.

According to Arctander“Grapefruit Oil isa mobile, yellowish to greenish- yellow or pale orange-yellow oil, possessing a fresh-citrusy, rather sweet odor and a similar taste. As mentioned above, the bitterness particularly known from European and Middle-Eastern fruits and peels, is no longer found in today’s American grapefruit oil. The odor resembles that of sweet orange oil to a certain degree, but also has notes in common with bitter orange oil. Thus, grapefruit oil is quite useful in bergamot compositions and for all modifications of citrus notes in perfumery.”

He also discusses the origins of the fruit from which it is made: “This oil, which is not strictly an essential oil according to our definitions, is produced by cold expression of the peel of the fruits from a Citrus species which presumably evolved from the West lndian ‘shaddock’ fruit. Although not a hybrid, the grapefruit did not exist 400 years ago, and it was still a rarity around the beginning of the twentieth century. Highly developed cultivation and refining of the fruits (better juice, meat, fewer seed, etc.) has, as so often in nature, caused some changes elsewhere in the fruits: the oil from the peel has become milder and sweeter of odor than it was only a few decades ago.” 

This particular oil contains 96% Limonene and 0.32% Myrcene.


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