Ho Wood Oil

Essential oil produced by water-and-steam distillation of the wood of the Ho tree, also known as the Camphorwood or Shiu tree: Cinnamomum camphora l. linalooliferum.  It is manufactured in Taiwan where the tree grows.

Note that this is the same kind of tree, very high in linalool, from which our natural isolate of linalool is extracted.

Use of this oil has largely replaced the use of the, once popular oil of Rosewood, which is now an endangered species.

At the time Arctander, is writing (1958/1959) this oil is not yet of commercial interest outside of China as rosewood oil is still plentiful but he notes that the enormous amount of raw material available to make it mean it’s production for local use is assured. In more recent times it has become a major source of natural linalool, cineole and terpeneol as well as camphor.

Of the 26 potential allergens that the EU requires to be declared, this oil contains 95.5% Linalool and 0.2% Limonene.


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