Jasmine Tea CO2 Extract

This remarkable extract from Evonik is mainly aimed at the flavouring market but we were delighted to discover that it has such an attractive and complex aroma that it is almost a perfume in its own right.  As with most CO2 extractions it is very true to the scent of the original material.  Evonik supply the extraction in ethanol (see below) making it very easy to use in fine fragrance applications.

As you might expect it smells of green tea and jasmine: floral, dry and complex, however what isn’t so expected is that it dries down into a very light but beautiful honey scent that lasts surprisingly well (about 12 hours on a strip) and is so honey-like it’s reminiscent of Firmenich’s Honey SigNature.

This is the description from Evonik: “high pressure extraction of green tea leaves (camellia sinensis) and jasmine flowers (jasminum officinale) with supercritical carbon dioxide under gentle conditions, clear, yellow to green liquid with typical flavor”

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