Lavender Oil – Payan Bertrand

This product from Payan Bertrand is a combination of different lavender oils and natural isolates designed to give a consistent lavender product.  It is similar to our Lavender 40/42 but contains far less linalool and linalyl acetate, giving it a richer, almost rose-like quality of odour.

According to Arctander lavender is “of sweet, floral-herbaceous refreshing odor with a pleasant, balsamic-woody undertone. An almost fruity-sweet topnote is of a very short life, and the entire oil is not distinguishedby its tenacity in odor.” 

“It is used extensively in colognes (citrus-colognes or the well-known lavender-waters), in fougeres, chypres, ambres and countless floral, semi-floral or particularly in non-floral perfume types. The oil blends well with bergamot and other citrus oils, clove oils (for ‘Rondeletia’ type perfumes), flouve, liatris, oakmoss, patchouli, rosemary, sage clary, pine needle oils, etc. Also with amyl salicylate, coumarins, citronellol and geraniol and their esters, heptanolide, menthyl acetate, musk ambrette, moskene and ethylene brassylate, nopyl acetate, menthanyl acetate, isobornyl propionate, phenyl- acetaldehyde and its acetals in particular. Labdanum products are excellent fixatives and the oil of Mentha Citrata can be useful for modifications.” 

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