Mandarin, yellow

Yellow mandarin oil is produced from the semi-mature fruits of the mandarin. When a formula specifies just “Mandarine Oil” it is usually the yellow form that is intended. This expressed oil is a pale yellow colour, distinctive mandarin odour and very easy to use in many kinds of composition.  See also our Mandarin, green for another type of mandarin oil, darker in colour and so less easy to use, but of very interesting odour.

The soft, complex odour is very characteristically mandarin and although the yellow form shares some characteristics with the much more expensive neroli oil, it is usually used for it’s own particular note.  Additional information on the origins of the mandarin tree are included in the description for the related Tangerine oil.

Arctander says that “In perfumery, mandarin peel oil is used sparingly in colognes as a modifier for other citrus oils, in neroli bases, in fantasy “moss” notes, or as [a] particular note for ‘special’ effects.”

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