Myrrh Coeur

Balsamic, liquorice, warm, resinous and powerful incense note.

Made from natural Myrrh resinoid and provided here at 50% in TEC this is still a sticky, thick liquid with great fixative properties and great tenacity.

Arctander describes the pure resinoid like this: “Myrrh Resinoid is a very dark, reddish-orange- brown, viscous mass, hardly pourable at ordinary room temperature.” 

He describes its odour like this: “intensely warm, deep-spicy, balsamic-aromatic and very rich.” and goes on to describe its uses: “an excellent fixative and sweetener in Oriental-spicy bases, chypres, woody bases, forest notes, pine fragrances, etc. It blends excellently with cinnamic alcohol, geranium oil, Iinalool, nitromusks, patchouli oil, spice oils, etc., and with the heavier, floral perfume bases.”

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