Orange Flower Absolute

A beautiful material giving huge impact even in very small amounts. As this material is so expensive, we also offer it at 10% for a more affordable option.

The solvent extracted equivalent of steam-distilled neroli oil, coming from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, Citrus aurantium Amara in this case from Morocco.

A thick, dark brown, mobile liquid that dissolves readily in ethanol. Easy to use if only it wasn’t so costly…

Arctander says of it: “Orange Flower Absolute is used in countless types of perfumes, heavy Oriental as well as light citrus colognes, chypres and ambres as well as floral bouquets, modern aldehydic fantasy blends, etc.

The absolute forms excellent combinations with all citrus oils, petitgrain oils, linalool, linalyl acetate, linalyl cinnamate, methyl anthranilate, various jasmones, myrrh resinoid, etc. It naturally forms an important part of the fixative base in high-class citrus colognes and perfumes of similar type.” 

Because it is so expensive it is common to use other materials in support of orange flower absolute, we offer a range of these including the pre-made Orange Flower Blend, which includes some Orange Flower Absolute in the mix.

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