Petitgrain Citronier

Manufactured by one of the major specialists in production of citrus oils for the perfumery industry, this is the equivalent of standard petitgrain (from the bitter orange tree) but made from the leaves, twigs and immature fruits of the lemon tree.

According to Arctander “Lemon Petitgrain Oil is a pale yellow to greenish yellow or olive-amber colored liquid of very strong, fresh odor with a distinct bitter undertone, at times woody, in poorer oils grassy.  The dry out should be very rich and sweet, slightly floral-fruity.” 

He goes on to point out that this oil “contains up to 50% citral, and thus it finds application in citrus types of colognes, in chypres (for refreshing notes, top notes etc.), fougeres, rose bases (can introduce very interesting top notes) etc. But the particular bitter-fresh notes, the immensely rich and tenacious depth and undertone in the odor of this oil—these are due to minor constituents.  The terpenes are partly responsible for the bitter-fresh notes since the terpeneless oil … does not present this particular effect.

Lemon Petitgrain Oil blends excellently with geranium, Iavandin, rosemary, sage clary, etc., as well as with a wealth of synthetic perfume materials to which it imparts roundness and naturalness even at very low percentages.” 

This oil, an exceptionally good example, comes from Cilione, one of the specialist Calabrian manufacturers of citrus oils for the perfumery industry.


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