Seaweed Absolute

This product, manufactured by Payan Bertrand is of French origin and is produced by molecular distillation of seaweed absolute produced by solvent extraction from Laminaria digitata also known as Kelp, Kombu, Konbu, Oarweed, Tangleweed, Sea Girdle, Sea Tangle and Sea Ribbon.

Zanos describe this material like this: “Odour: Reminiscent of sea, characteristic. Used in Perfume, cosmetic, food flavours. Origin France” 

Arctander writes that : “Seaweed Absolute is an extremely powerful perfume material. Its penetrative effect is partly due to its unusual type of odor. It finds use in mossy-woody, herbaceous, aldehydic or ‘green’ perfume types, or in fantasy bases, etc. It blends excellently with oakmoss products, patchouli oil spice oils, cedarwood oils and cedarwood derivatives, lavender, musks, castoreum, pine needle oils, galbanum resinoid or oil, geraniol, nerol, cedrela odorata oil and other dry-woody oils, cyperus oils (Cypriol in particular), etc.” 


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