Sweet Basil Oil

CAS No. FRAG-9862-A

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Essential oil produced by steam distillation of culinary basil (Ocimum basilicum) of the linalool type.

This is the true Sweet Basil, much sweeter than the, cheaper, Methyl Chavicol type of Basil to which it is considered superior.

According to Arctander, “Sweet Basil Oil: The oil is usually pale yellow or almost colorless. Its odor is sweet-spicy, slightly green, fresh, with a faint balsamic-woody undertone and a lasting sweetness. It is produced in very limited quantities (annual world production is less than one metric ton), and the oil ranks among the more expensive essential oils. However, its great strength makes it very useful and generally applicable in fine perfumery and in flavor work.

In perfumes, Sweet Basil Oil has been a “classic” material in the “Origan” type of perfumes and bases for several decades. In chypres, crepe de chines and certain modern-aldehydic and “green” perfume types, the oil can introduce very interesting notes. It blends well with the most varied types of perfume material, e.g. opopanax or bergamot oil, iso-eugenol or sage clary, methylionone or cyclamal, lime oil or oakmoss, hydroxycitronellal, etc” 

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