CAS No. FRAG-9862-A

Manufacturer:  Cilione

This product is included in the following Perfume Making Kits: the Naturals Starter Kit as well as the Incense and Festive Kit

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Tangerine oil comes from a citrus variety closely related to the mandarin (according to some authorities they are the same speicies, according to others they are distinct, hence we are listing both botanical names as synonyms).  This cold pressed oil is a deep orange-yellow colour.

According to Arctander “The two trees are both botanically Citrus Reticulata varieties, originating in south China and other Fareastern areas. The mandarin arrived in Europe in 1805, and in the U.S.A. about 40 years later, In Europe, the fruit developed into the small, ellipsoidic Mandarin while in the U.S. A., the fruit remained quite similar to the Chinese original; however, it was re-named Tangerine in the United States.” 

Brighter, more distinctively orangey and slightly longer lasting than a typical sweet orange oil, it is effective as a booster for orange character in a perfume, particularly useful in colognes and aldehydic fragrances.

This oil, an exceptionally good example, comes from Cilione, one of the specialist Calabrian manufacturers of citrus oils for the perfumery industry.

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