Thyme oil

CAS No. FRAG-9862-A

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Standardised, redistilled thyme, from Thymus vulgaris grown in France but, as always with White Thyme, corrected to standard chemistry.

According to Arctander“White Thyme Oil, when correctly produced and genuine, is a pale yellow liquid similar in odor to … red thyme, yet somewhat sweeter, less terpeney or sharp. lt is also less herbaceous. Truly, it should be a redistilled red thyme oil.” 

“Red Thyme Oil is a brownish-red, orange-red, or grayish-brown colored liquid, rich and powerful, sweet, and warm-herbaceous in odor, somewhat spicy and distinctly aromatic.” 

He goes on to suggest that inferior white thyme may be a compound of pine and other oils or fractions containing little thymol – one of the largest components, and key to the odour character, of the true thyme oils.

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