Tobacco Absolute

CAS No. FRAG-9862-A

See below for more description

Tobacco absolute is a very strong material, used in traces in many fragrance type to ehance sweetness, mossyness or hay notes.

Often percieved as making a fragrance more masuline, slightly larger amounts can be used where a distinct tobacco note is desired.

Arctander describes the material like this: “a dark brown, semi-solid mass of strong, almost repulsive odor, faintly reminiscent of cigar tobacco. … In dilution, it has a typical cigar-tobacco fragrance.” 

He goes on to describe some of the potential uses of tobacco absolute: “used not only in the ‘tabac’ type of modern or aldehydic perfumes, but also for ‘dry’ and ‘masculine’ effects in fantasy types, in Oriental blends, etc. These materials blend well with sandalwood, castoreum, labdanum, clary sage, vetiver, bergamotmethyl-iononescedarwood derivatives, etc., and they produce effects which are very hard to imitate or match (with other materials).” 

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