Tom Ford Oud Wood Eau De Parfum

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This is a fragrance for real connoisseurs. Like the original, it features some of the world’s most exclusive ingredients, resulting in a long-lasting, potent scent that’s designed to create drama and atmosphere, regardless of where you wear it. 

The strong woody notes are immediately apparent, such as rosewood, sandalwood and rich oud. Pepper and cardamom provide a kick of spice, which is complemented by the sweet note of vanilla, and the earthy aroma of vetiver. It’s ideal for those who are seeking a new signature scent.

Ingredients: Agarwood (Oud),Brazilian Rosewood,Sandalwood,Cardamom,Vanilla,Sichuan Pepper,Vetiver,Tonka Bean,Amber

Main Accords: woody,oud,warm spicy,aromatic,vanilla,balsamic,fresh spicy,amber,powdery,sweet

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