Dimethyl sulphide: Natural Isolate 0.1%

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This is the natural isolate form of DMS, offered at 0.1% in ethanol for use in perfumes. Please note that this material is unsuitable for use in flavours because the ethanol used is denatured.

Can be used in perfumes only in the most extreme dilution to add realism to gourmand (particularly coffee, chocolate and similar), fruity and certain flower perfumes, particularly rose. Can also be used as part of an authentic sea-breeze accord as this material has been shown to be the actual source of the smell of the sea, commonly described as ‘ozone’.

Don’t underestimate the power of this material: even small amounts can leave your perfume smelling of little more than boiled cabbage and raw onions, while a tiny amount can add creamy-warmth and diffusion.

Arctander describes the smell like this: “Extremely diffusive, repulsive odor, reminiscent of wild Radish, sharp, green, Cabbage-like. Only in very high dilution it becomes bearable and almost acceptable, pleasant, vegetable-like.”

For those who may want to use this material in applications where ethanol would be unsuitable it is also available in TEC at 0.1% or even undiluted.