Givenchy Xyrus Rouge Eau De Perfum

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Xeryus Rouge Cologne by Givenchy, Xeryus Rouge is a deep, sexy cologne to keep you and the object of your desire warm through cold nights. The fragrance, launched in 1995, starts with cool, crisp notes and ends with an irresistible heat. Top notes of fresh, earthy cactus and tarragon are brightened by the sparkling aromas of citrus kumquat and Chinese orange. African geranium lends the composition a rich, full body at the middle. The flower is cooled by the intoxicating forest scent of cedar needles. Red pepper lends an invigorating spark. The final notes are subtle yet strong. Cedar and sandalwood mix with grey amber and white musk for a savory, masculine finish. This composition is best experienced on romantic nights.

Top Notes: Cactus, Chinese Orange and Tarragon

Middle Notes:  Pimento, African Geranium and Cedar

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar and White Musk

Main Accords: warm spicy,woody,aromatic,fresh spicy,green,citrus,powdery,fresh,herbal,musky