Le Labo Grasse - New York Tabac 28 Absolue Précieux

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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar... And sometimes, it becomes a perfume! Smoky, seductive, alluring – Tabac 28 is Miami in a bottle.

Deeply aromatic tobacco absolute (picture a Cuban Havana distilled) combined with opulent oud and a striking cedarwood-blend creating a smooth, smoldering, feel. Gaiac wood and rum give the fragrance an intoxicating warmth rounded with green cardamom. The whole thing is alive, vibrant, sensual - decadent even! And it brings to Wynwood another colorful graffiti…..but this one for your nostrils only.


Ingredients: Tobacco Leaf,Rum,Cedar,Cardamom,Guaiac Wood

Main Accords: woody,tobacco,warm spicy,sweet,rum,aromatic