Lemon Oil

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Cold pressed lemon oil by Capua from Turkish lemons: an exceptionally beautiful example of lemon oil with the characteristic fresh, clean odour.

As well as the traditional use in colognes and fresh scents, try this lovely oil as part of the top-note complex for jasmine fragrances where it performs exceptionally well.

According to Arctander: “Expressed Lemon Oil is a yellow to greenish yellow or pale yellow mobile liquid of very light, fresh and sweet odor, truly reminiscent of the ripe peel. No turpentine-like, harsh-terpene notes should be detectable on a perfume blotter. Good oils retain their fresh lemon door practically unchanged on a blotter until there is no door left at all. The odor of lemon oil is not very lasting … The oil should be clear, not hazy or turbid, and it should not show resinous deposits.”

He goes on to  describe its uses, blenders and to suggest suitable fixatives: “Expressed Lemon Oil is used in perfumes and flavors for its refreshing, sweet-fruity note. It is  one of the more important ingredients in the  old-fashioned citrus-type of colognes, in ‘Eau de Verveine’ and other toilet waters, lotions, aerosol sprays, etc. It finds general application as a freshener and topnote ingredient in countless perfume types. 

 Lemon oil blends well with lavender oil, lavandin, elemi, labdanumpetitgrainneroli, etc. and among the most common fixatives for lemon oil are coumarinvanillin, cinnamates, elemi resinoidoakmoss products,  araucaria oil, etc. Lemon oil is often accompanied by aliphatic aldehydes as modifiers for the lemon-topnote.” 

To increase longevity and counter the sweetness of this oil, think about adding a touch of Citrolate or Citroasis base.