Mancera Black Line Eau De Perfum

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Mancera Black Line Perfume by Mancera, Step away from the monotony and into something grand and dazzling with Mancera Black Line, a majestic women’s fragrance. This enticing perfume blends spicy, earthy and woody accords for a rich, fulfilling scent that’s vibrant enough to keep you feeling confident long throughout the day and night. Top notes of a myriad of spices lend an atmosphere of pure adrenaline and intensity right from the beginning. Middle notes of patchouli, delicate rose, warm amber and masculine leather infuse the scent with an elegance and sensuality that’s highly intoxicating.

Finally, base notes of guaiac wood, Indian sandalwood and white musk complete the aroma for an exotic and enigmatic perfume any modern woman of today would feel proud to flaunt out on the town.

Top Notes: Spices

Middle Notes:  Amber, Patchouli, Rose, Leather

Base Notes:  sandalwood, White musk

Main Accords: woody,rose,warm spicy,patchouli,powdery,leather,musky,animalic,amber,floral