Memo Shams Eau De Perfum

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Legend has it that the Persian god Mithras climbs into his gold-covered chariot at dawn and whips his horses forward to pull the sun across the sky until dusk. But then at nightfall, the sun is swallowed, only to return the following morning. With Shams Oud, MEMO celebrates this cycle of life, death and rebirth with a vibrantly spiced, intoxicatingly warm and woodsy fragrance that shines as bright as the sun itself.

Top Notes: Pepper, Saffron and Ginger

Middle Notes: Cypriol Oil or Nagarmotha and Vetiver

Base Notes:  Agarwood (Oud), French labdanum, Tolu Balsam, Birch, Styrax and Tonka Bean.

Main Accords: amber,warm spicy,woody,oud,fresh spicy,leather,balsamic,earthy,sweet,powdery