Molecules Escentric 04 Eau De Perfum

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Escentric 04 is very Geza Schoen. If you’re familiar with this perfumer’s work from Escentric Molecule and Anat Fritz to The Beautiful Mind series, then you’ll know we mean this as a compliment. Escentric 04 contains Schoen’s signature of turning heavy materials like woods into gauzy, air bound creations with the thoughtful use of modern synthetics like Iso E Super and Ambroxan.

Unlike other perfumers who use these materials simply to boost radiance or projection, Schoen uses them as the main building blocks for entire perfumes – and Escentric 04 is evidence, once again, that he is brilliant at it.

Ingredients: Grapefruit,Juniper,Sandalwood,Osmanthus,Mastic or Lentisque,Galbanum,Rose

Main Accords: aromatic,citrus,woody,fresh spicy,balsamic,floral,powdery