Montale Oud Queen Rose Eau De Perfum

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Aoud Queen Roses, Montale's breathtaking classic, is the perfume that started our rose oud obsession. The regal beauty of the union of spicy, earthy, leathery oud and the sweet, luscious roses is rendered here with the masterfulness that set the standard for other creations in this sublime genre.

The sultry ripeness of roses is highlighted by the creamy muskiness of hibiscus, which lends the composition a soft, insinuating sensuality. The fragrance darkens gradually as the notes of oud, precious woods and leather become stronger, until it becomes truly nocturnal in feel...evocative of a secret garden of an opulent Eastern palace…with roses mingling their intoxicating aroma with the raw pungency of earth… with Scheherazade whispering softly in our ear the tales of fantastic journeys and incredible passions. Exquisite, truly fit for a Queen and highly recommended.

Ingredients: Agarwood (Oud),Rose,Leather,Hibiscus,Patchouli

Main Accords: oud,rose,floral,leather,patchouli,fresh spicy,animalic,woody,warm spicy,smoky