Montale Oudmazing Eau De Perfum

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If anyone knows how to make an oud fragrance "Oudmazing, " it would of course be Montale- the brand that did oud long before it was de rigueur. And Oudmazing, with its audacious blend of exquisite Malaysian oud and a mouthwatering combination of fresh fruit, citrus and rich leather, more than fits the bill.

Opening with brilliantly bright orange and bergamot, Oudmazing is soon sweetened with a delectable Mediterranean fig note and a juicy burst of fresh pear. As the exotic, resonant oud note uncurls itself, it is accompanied with sensual floral notes of iris and Egyptian jasmine, and a rich, earthy patchouli and leather accord that complements the base of deep vanilla and white musk.

If it all sounds too big and rich and juicy and wonderful to be contained, you’re not far off. But could anything less truly be considered Oudmazing?

Top Notes: Fig, Agarwood (Oud), Pear, Sicilian Orange and Sicilian Bergamot

Middle Notes: Patchouli Leaf, Orris and Egyptian Jasmine

Base Notes: Grapes, Madagascar Vanilla, Leather and White Musk

Main Accords: fruity,sweet,vanilla,oud,leather,woody,powdery,patchouli,citrus,animalic