Montale Vanilla Extasy Eau De Perfum

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Montale Vanilla Extasy by Montale Perfume. Montale Vanilla Extasy is a warm, creamy vanilla perfume for women launched in 2008. It includes fruity, floral notes with a strong vanilla scent that informs the rest of the scent. A light touch of apricot and apricot blossom bring sweet, light opening notes. The middle notes are more floral, featuring heady jasmine, tropical ylang ylang and vanilla. The base includes heavier, warm notes to contrast with the light and sweet top notes and heart. Deep mahogany introduces a woody quality, which meshes with benzoin, resins and smoky sandalwood. The wood-heavy base adds the Eastern element this brand is known for. A light application lasts all day, because of its heavy sillage.

Top Notes: Apricot and Apricot Blossom

Middle Notes: Vanilla, Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine

Base Notes: Benzoin, resins, Sandalwood and Mahogany

Main Accords: vanilla,woody,amber,powdery,fruity,sweet,balsamic,warm spicy,floral,yellow floral