Nejma 7 Extrait Eau De Parfum

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Inspired by the Arabic tale of Nejma, a woman captured to be sold as a slave yet her sweetness and natural perfume cause her buyer to fall in love with her, this collection of seven fragrances from Nejma represents each one of the daughters born from the union. Merging floral and Oriental notes, Extrait 7 hosts fresh, dynamic notes of pink grapefruit, mandarin and Calabrian lemon. Followed by a heart of neroli flower and cacao bean, the collection-signature base of oud wood and patchouli provides a warming finish.

Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Green Mandarin and Calabrian bergamot

Middle Notes: Coconut, Cacao Pod and Neroli

Base Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Patchouli and White Musk

Main Accords: citrus,coconut,cacao,warm spicy,sweet,oud,fresh spicy,patchouli,lactonic,woody