Roja Dove Harrods Exclusive Pour Homme De Perfum

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“Evocative of walking into Harrods for the very first time, this scent opens with an enlivening blend of Citrus notes, instantly drawing you in with the temptation of the unknown. As you venture further, you become immersed in the hidden depths of Vetiver, Woods and Labdanum. Before you know it, the store has captured your heart. Redolent of the inimitable luxury that pervades every corner of this world-famous store, this creation brings to life the thrill of losing yourself in Harrods - the labyrinth of luxury.” - ROJA DOVE.

Created for the type of man one might find regularly shopping the hallowed halls of Harrods, this exclusive perfume embodies that very sense of style and sophistication he displays. This fresh, masculine Fougère opens with a huge burst of Citrus fruits with an intense impact and lasting power. The Lemon, Bergamot, Lime, Orange, and Litsea Cubeba deliver their zesty punch, which is further freshened by prominent notes of aromatic Lavender and Thyme, with a touch of florals to both balance and enhance the fresh sweetness of the Citrus. A dry and resolutely masculine base makes the sweetness of the fruits earthy and enduring, as Galbanum, Oakmoss, Juniper and Vetiver swirl around a central note of Patchouli. Beneath this naturally vibrant composition, sensual notes weave their way out of the earth to give the Harrods man a fitting air of sophistication and seduction.

Ingredients: Bitter Orange,Ambrarome,Juniper,Lemon,Cashmere Wood,Bergamot,Lime,Vanilla,Geranium,Vetiver,Neroli,Violet,Patchouli,Oakmoss,Labdanum,Musk

Main Accords: citrus,woody,aromatic,balsamic,amber,fresh spicy,fresh,warm spicy