Roja Dove Lily Eau De Perfum

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“Splashing into water as they hit the crystal base of a vase, a bashful bouquet rests atop regal emerald stalks. Poised and ready to take centre-stage, teardrop vessels hold a majestic beauty captive in wait. Overnight, languid petals curl open to reveal a majesty which announces their presence in the morning sunlight. A voluptuous burst of scent fills the room with an enveloping warmth. Heralding a heady summer day, a sensual floral accord veils an unexpected spice nuance, which lends an exotic heat. Shrouded in a haze of scent, the bouquet that seems so pure appears to share a coy smile, for all is not quite as it initially seems.” - ROJA DOVE.

A striking, star-shaped flower with a scent that fills any room with a sensual, summery beauty, the Lily itself gives off so little useable oil that it is nearly always synthesized in perfumery. Perfumer Roja Dove harnessed his creative talents to use the finest natural materials to form a scent so perfectly akin to the Lily that it has to be smelt to be believed. A touch of Lemon and Bergamot bring the freshness of the flower to life, whilst a prominent note of Clove draws out its unusual spicy nuance. A varied bouquet works in harmony to re-create the sensual warmth of the Lily, with focal notes of Frangipani convey its inherent creamy warmth whilst Carnation, it’s fresh and spicy side. This scent evokes the freshness of a summer breeze blowing through a suite on the Riviera that has been decorated with bouquets of Lilies.

Top Notes: Bergamot and Lemon

Middle Notes: Lily, Tiare Flower, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Cloves, Rose and Carnation

Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk and Woody Notes

Main Accords: white floral,citrus,sweet,yellow floral,floral,warm spicy,woody