Vetiver, Haiti

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This is the best quality of Vetiver available, of Haitian origin and extremely smooth and attractive.

Arctander writes extensively about this material: “Vetiver Oil is steam distilled from cleaned and washed rootlets which are dried, cut and chopped, then again usually soaked in water prior to distillation, The distillation is undertaken near the place of harvesting … 

Vetiver Oil is an amber colored to grayish brown, olive brown or dark brown viscous liquid whose odor is sweet and very heavy woody-earthy, reminiscent of roots and wet soil, with a rich undertone of “precious wood” notes. Oils distilled from too young rootlets and very freshly distilled oils may display some “green” potato-peel-like or asparagus-like top notes. These are not appreciated by the perfumer” 

He goes on to describe usages: “Vetiver Oil is used extensively in perfumery not only as a fixative, but also as an odor contri- butor in bases such as fougere, chypre, modern woody-aldehydic or ambre-aldehydic bases, Oriental bases, moss and wood notes, opopanax bases, rose bases, etc.  It blends well with ionones, linalool, cinnamic alcohol, patchouli, sandalwood, oakmoss products, amylsalicylate, lavender, clary sage, mimosa, cassie, opopanax, isoeugenol, etc.”

These are no restrictions on the use of this material resulting from the IFRA standards up to the 49th Amendment.  The oil contains none of the 26 potential allergens required to be declared by the EU.